The Employee Appreciation Board has monthly drawings for CSU employees to win
CSU swag or an “Employee of the Month” parking spot!

Be sure to check your email (each Fall) for your online entry form or contact Erin Mercurio
at to request
a form if you did not receive one. (One entry per year)

2023 December Prize Winners

Maggie Seymour Art and Art History
Ryan Campbell English
Alexander Van Every CSU Police Department – Records
Amber Lobato Housing And Dinng Facilities
Laura Irvin Housing and Dining Services Administration
Sherri Rhule College of Agriculture Science
Lisa Angeloni Biology
Marsha Brockman-Lilley Dining Services
Katie Abrams Journalism and Media Communication
Doreene Hyatt Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Mark Uchanski Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Paul Layden Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Jessica Prenni Horticulture
Ashley Le Office for Inclusive Excellence
Aga Burzynska HDFS
Andrea Oliver Clinical Sciences – Equine Internal Medicine
Austin Spaude Housing and Dining Facilities
Ricki Ginsberg English
Leah Geurts VTH
Addy Elliott Soil and Crop Sciences
Shivon Costin University Honors
Rachel Yager CVMBS communications
Kat Morici Forest and Rangeland Stewardship
Courtney Martinez Career Center
Jenny Kubichek CSU Online
Amber Camus Civil and Environmental Engineering
Gussie Millar Psychology
Christine Hooks COB Operations
Philip Partain Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Lynn Borngrebe International Programs
Chelsey Lane COB Operations
Matt West Agricultural Biology
Carmyn Ginnetti Warner College of Natural Resources
Kenneth Lonnquist Physics
Jennifer Wright University Marketing & Communications
Alisha Zmuda Student Disability Center
Megan Brice Computer Science
Ellie Crowley College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office
Natalie Cartwright COB – UPO
Darin Sanders University Marketing and Communications
Amy Guy Human Resources
Michael Silvey Student Success
Kayla Woodring CVMBS
Kelly Brey Medical
Phoebe Bauer Colorado State Forest Service
Gen Spering OEE MarComm
Fred Hoerndli Biomedical sciences
Christine Stout Office of Financial Aid
Natalie Tourville CIRA
David Holm San Luis Valley Research Center
Jennifer Scarborough CEMML
Martha Calvert Agricultural Experiment Station
Tami McDonald CSU Spur – Chancellor’s Office

2023 November Prize Winners

Mengmeng Gu Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Kelly Bradbury English
Rita Knoll Biology
Nikita Zinchenko Agricultural Sciences
James Tillotson Mechanical Engineering
Heidi Mechtenberg University Operations – Facilities Management
Enrique Zavala Registrars Office
Gina Geornaras Animal Sciences
Brittney Morgan Chemistry
Noreen Reist Biomedical Sciences
Soo Kang Food Science and Human Nutrition
Lilyana Ortega Human Development Family Studies HDFS
Emily Lockard CSU Extension – Western Region
Justin Schwendeman-Curtis Off-Campus Life
Elena Lancioni Health and Exercise Science
Stephanie Zellner Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Claudia Rosty University Housing
Edrea Roybal Office of Financial Aid
George Janson Natural Resource Ecology Lab
Vishnu Govindarajan Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Greg Weaver CS Online
Margaret (Jeannie) Roberts Soil and Crop Sciences
Caitlin Kotnik College of Liberal Arts, Deans Office Employee, works with students in the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Rick Taft Atmospheric Science
Theresa Todd University Marketing and Communications
Katie McGrath Novak Warner College Dean’s Office (Center for Collaborative Conservation)
Buchfink, Jennifer Registrar’s Office
Ernan Torrez School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Genesis Gongora Balam University Housing
Emily Wilson Anthropology
Beverly Earley Immunizations and Allergy, CSU Health Network
Asma Hanif Abdul Karim Civil and Environmental Engineering
Lyn Martin CSU Health Network Human Resources
John Stromberger Soil and Crop Sciences
Victoria Benjamin Women and Gender Advocacy Center
Jennifer Neuwald Biology
Kelsey Schultz Career Center
Ingrid Bridge Systems Engineering
Jarvis Choury School of Global Environmental Sustainability
Robin Brandeberry Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Jessie Striegel Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Stephanie Zakis Parking and Transportation Services
Roger Snachez Facilities Management
Monica Latham Library
Renee Frederick Extension, Front Range Region
Melanie Nichols University Honors Program
Jamie Lindemann Dean of Engineering
Emily Ambrose Lory Student Center
Valerie Parker BFS

2023 October Prize Winners

Brenda Martin Biomedical Sciences
Rita Deike Natural Resource Ecology Lab (NREL) USDA UVB Monitoring and Research Program
Laura Barrera Office of Engagement and Extension
Julie Bigge Student Health Insurance
Lisa Arevalos Library Services
Lina Xiong human dimensions of natural resources
Emily Merz Psychology
Ashley Anderson Journalism and Media Communication
Bryn Stoffel Facilities Management
Rebecca Breniman Textbooks – Bookstore
Calandra Lindstadt CSU Extension-Western Region
Nick Cummings VP Human Resources
Brenna Shafer Vice Pres for University Advancement
Nicole Schleicher College of Business Operations
Michaela Chaparas Key Communities – Student Success
April Mellon Vice President Research
Jason Scott Residential Dining Services
Kristen Sutter College of Health and Human Sciences
Tiffany Roller Sponsored Programs
Connie Schunter Facilities Management
Laura Shaver School of Global Environmental Sustainability
Amber Paquelet Biomedical Sciences
Michael Menefee Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Bryce Buckley CHHS – School of Education
Lisa Lelm Career Center
Kristen Switzer Colorado State Forest Service
Emily Barbo Salazar Center for North American Conservation
Stan Kruse TILT
Jenna Gasbarro Office of Financial Aid
Monica Thrasher Office for Inclusive Excellence
Evelyn Martinez Office of Financial Aid
Michael Glitzke CVMBS-College Office
Aimee Jones International Programs
Jill Putman Career Center
Aileen Weed Student Resolution Center
Dawn Burton Athletics
Teryn Green Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Dustin Goodyear Facilities Management
Lisa Rice Office of Financial aid
Tess McGinty Conference & Event Services
Josh Renfro Student Resolution Center
Christina Wallace ERHS
Irma Sanchez-Vargas Microbiology, Pathology and Immunology
Vicki Culbreth Warner College of Natural Resources
Olivia Robinson Division of IT
Naomi Gertschitz Diagnostic Lab- Ft Collins
Ryan Heiman IDRC
Aliyah Cardona Student Success
Melinda Smith Biology
Maurice Ombogo CSU Online
Barb Maynard TILT
John Martin Athletics

2023 September Prize Winners

Dee Walker CVMBS
Kirk McGilvray Mechanical Engineering
Lori Catalano Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Elizabeth Pedrotti English
Celeste Ulland Business & Financial Services/Student Loans Receivable
Sudipto Ghosh Computer Science
Abby Morris CVMBS – Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Amanda Cherwin (FKA Amanda Roley) School of Biomedical Engineering
Kristy Pabilonia Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories
Tatiana Nekrasova-Beker English
Barbara Risheill Libraries
Shania Mumford Radiology
Sara Anne Tompkins psychology
Lisa Stright Geosciences
Chris Hilgert CSU Extension Programs
Dave Watson CIRA
Carol Erwin College of Liberal Arts – Academic Support Center
Lauren Shulman Women and Gender Advocacy Center
Jeremy Siemers Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Alexa Armstrong Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Andrea Karapas College of Business – Career Management Center
Calvin Boren Conference & Event Services
Cami Smith Lory Dining Services
Shaelyn Linnell Conference & Event Services
Ashley Meyer Business and Financial Services
Mindy Clarke CEMML
Laura Giles Housing & Dining Services
Michelle Wilson Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging
John Fitzgerald Athletic Compliance
Linxing Yao Analytical Resources Core
Melissa Bokovitz University Advancement Engagement
Emily Morse Health Network
Tammy Roehrich CSU Health & Medical Center
Lucas Miller Residential Dining Services
Kim HOlland College of Business
Leah Holz Honors Program
Kenda Weigang Risk Management & Insurance
Jason Skold CSU Health Network
Lucina O’Loughlin Dental Services
Theresa McLaren Gregory Allicar Museum of Art
Hannah Dunstan Psychology
Christie Fitzpatrick Safety & Risk Services
Reggie Foster Extension – OEE
Kathryn Venzor CSU Spur
Sally Jones-Diamond Soil and Crop Sciences
Kris McKay College of Ag Dean’s Office
Danielle Patterson Engagement and Extension Learning Production and Training
Michael Carroll College of Liberal Arts
Charles Goree Jr
Dana Wolaver
Gretchen Holt



2023 August Prize Winners

Melinda Camp Human Resources
Lori Bowker Diagnostic Lab
Laura Irvin Housing and Dining Services
Bryan Dik Psychology
Alora LaVoy MIP
Lindsay Johnson-Athey Procurement Services
Amber Ramoz Campus Activities
Sehun Kim Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Paul Layden Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Antonios Mamalakis Atmospheric Science
Kiley Miller-Dickerson English
Amber Miller Infectious Disease Research Center
Rachel Martinez Access Center
Tracy Close Advising/College of Liberal Arts
Kristy Lueshen Morgan Library
Matthew Hitt Political Science
Mary Swanson TILT
Kelly McGregor College of Liberal Arts
Brittany Habben University Advancement
Rogelio Sanchez Facilities management
Jill Voth University Advancement
Christie Mathews HDS Projects & Outreach
Marne Lundstrom Military Studies (Air Force ROTC)
Colleen Weitzel College of Liberal Arts
Ana Fairchild Languages, Literatures and Cultures
Pete Thrasher Finance and Real Estate
Elizabeth Ryan ERHS
Jeff Dodge Division of University Marketing and Communications
Barbara Sebek English
Tiffany Lipsey Health and Exercise Science
Ben Sutton Soil and Crop Sciences
Brady Carlstrom Facilities
Melanie Martinez Office of Financial Aid
Drew Roerig Facilities RCS Paint Crew
Josephine Martinez-Rivera Housing & Dining Services
Abigail Murray Lory Student Center
Julia Lee Political Science
Melanie Nichols University Honors Program
Kimberly De Jong Exploratory Studies Advising
Paul Evangelista Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Natalie Tourville CIRA
Jenny Kubichek VP Engagement Prog Services College Relations
Christina Calcaterra CEMML
Madeleine Boyson Gregory Allicar Museum of Art
Arianna Basto Eyzaguirre Human Dimension of Natural Resources
Jason Golly Civil and Environmental Engineering
Stephanie Wagner College of Liberal Arts, Dean’s Office
Alicia Conrardy Library

2022 April Prize Winners

Dee Walker CVMBS
Brenda Martin Biomedical Sciences
Amber Sanchez Residential Dining Services
Kathleen Stelzer Admissions
Kristen Felten College of Natural Sciences
Hannah Eppley School of Social Work
Erica Burr Office of Admissions
Amanda Wimmer Student Disability Center
Staci Folot CVMBS College Office
Kim Chacon Computer Science
Jessica Quadri Clinical Sciences
Theresa Rulon CVMBS
Justin Reeves Honors Program
Donald Eakes Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Patti Nash Vice President for Research
Sarah Drinkwine Colorado State Forest Service
Shawn Haggerty Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands
Claudia Rosty University Housing
Sharie Harless State 4-H Office/Extension
Michelle  Tate Facilities Management
Candace Mathiason Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Alex Brown Dean of Liberal Arts
Hannah Aldine English
Dustin Graham PM Shop
Wade Tinkham Forest and Rangeland Stewardship
Eliza Wagner-Kinyon Communication Studies
John Sovell Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Christine Pawliuk Libraries
Chaoping Chen Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Katie Barnett Virology
Valerie Parker Business and Financial Services
Stephanie Moreira SLICE
Tanya Dewey Biology
Steve Benoit Mathematics
Maggie Kinney College of Ag Sciences Ag Business Center
Ruben Flores Extension
Steven Fassnacht Ecosystem Science and Sustainabilier
Samantha Boren Career Center
Kirk Evans Energy Institute
Kai Wolfe Office of Admissions
Allison Bielak Human Development and Family Studies
Katy Little TILT
Holley Grentz College of Business Development Office
Justin Sambur Chemistry
Mary Seaman Libraries
Chris Chagnon AppDev User Supp Acad Tech
Cyndi Merris Office of Financial Aid

2021 December & 2022 January Prize Winners

David Schafer ARDEC
Ed Kluender Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
Jill Zarestky School of Education
Jenny Harding Sponsored Programs
Allen Sneesby ACNS
Tyler Rayburn CSU Extension
Annie Krieg Art and Art History
Laura Shaver School of Global Environmental Sustainability
Noreen Reist Biomedical Sciences
Sandra Venturato Parking and Transportation Services
Natalie Cartwright College of Business – Undergrad Programs
Nicole Darling School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Cecilia White FWCB
Julie Orwick WCNR Dean’s Office
Lisa Streeb Case College of Natural Sciences
Sarah Drobek CSU Health Network Immunizations Department
Sandra Dailey Graduate School
Erik Jaramillo Remodel and Construction Services
Jeremy Proctor EnglishEnglish
Alan Mertens HDS – University Housing
Nancy Greenberg HDS Administration
Andrea Duffy College of Liberal Arts, Dean’s Office
Sarah Blessinger College of Liberal Arts
Burton Karger Microbiology
Krystal Ryczek Office of the Registrar
Emily Ambrose SLiCE | Lora Student Center
Theresa Barosh Graduate School
Jocelyn Boice University Libraries
Kaka Ma Mechanical Engineering
Rachel Brenner Psychology
Kaitlyn Yablonski Clinical Pathology – Lab
Alyson Welker English
Karena Alons Statistics
Janice Inman Leflet Veterinary Diagnostic lab
Elizabeth Ryan Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Whitney Pennington Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences
Emmaline Hall Engagement
Katie Fromuth Food Science Human Nutrition
Kristy Pabilonia Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratories
Annie Albrecht Extension
Tracy Webb Clinical Sciences
Erik Buol University Housing
Amanda Taylor Campus Activites
Lucia Delgado Access Center
Susan Benzel Office of the Dean
Bailey Fosdick Statistics
Karissa Ochs Critical Care Unit (at the Vet Teaching Hospital)
Stephen Oglesby Division of IT: Experience and Collaboration: Research IT
Jessica Taylor Remodel & Construction Services
Barbara Lorenz Conference & Event Services
Kate Hebert Psychology
Josh Johnson Occupational Therapy
Lindsey Young CNS Dean’s Office
Lisa Group Radiation Oncology
Casey Thomas University Advancement Engagement
Hong Xiang History
Amanda Giacalone University Advancement
Niroj Bhattarai Economics
LuAnn Herin Engineering Business Office
Carson Hume Atmos Chem
Daniel Herber Systems Engineering
Heidi Stuckert Office of Financial Aid
Sara Istre Career Center
Khristy Jesse Construction Management
Melissa Bokovitz University Advancement/Engagement
Kody Roper School of Education
Allison Gillioz Anesthesia
Paul Collier International Programs
Emily Wilmsen Dean’s Office, Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering
Mark Johlgren Forest Service
Aaron Escobedo Key Communities
Scott Ratchford Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology
Joleen Wearne Division of Information Technology
Matt Norville CSFS – FTCFO
Jason Ritzman Residential Dining
Katie Lungren College of Health & Human Sciences
Maria Yusuf Microbiology Immunology and Pathology
Andrew Cundiff LSC Catering
Kathlene Waller CSU Health Network
Jack Rogers LEAP Institute for the Arts
Drew Roerig Facilities Management
Sara Piazza Office of Financial Aid
Michael Hogan Sociology
Emma Chavez Human Resources
Timothy Johnson Registrar’s Office
Grace Wright Management
Emaleigh Renier Occupational Therapy
Melissa Pundt Facilities Management
Lynna Dicamillo Graduate School
Michelle Alexander Equine Sports Medicine
Ken Vergo Facilities Management
Alicia Conrardy CSU Libraries
Amelia Castaneda Collaborative for Student Achievement, Community for Excellence
Nicolle McMurray College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office
Rebecca Gruby Human DImensions of Natural Resources
Amber Riley Internal Auditing
Gwen Oster CEMML
Julie Marsh CSU Online
Samantha Saine Rocky Ford Diagnostic Lab

2021 October Prize Winners

Melissa Hein CVMBS – Dean’s Office
Matt Flick Alumni Association
Meg Skeehan Accounting
Jennifer Ogle Design & Merchandising
Shannon Miller Civil and Environmental Engineering
M. Travis Maynard COB – Dean’s Office/Graduate Programs
Jain Kwon Design and Merchandising
Nakia Lilly Talent Development
Maura Link Biomedical Sciences
Emily Morgan School of Music, Theatre, and Dance
Lily Doniger Graduate Program in Public Health
Brandy Ortiz Office of Financial Aid
Guilian Luchini Chemistry
Katie Abrahamson Athletics
Taylor Sidore Campus Recreation
Katie Wolf Soil and Crop Sciences
Duan Ruff Black/African American Cultural Center
Kim Samsel COOP Unit
Lina Xiong human dimensions of natural resources
Erin Strutz Food Science and Human Nutrition
Tess Hamzeh Statistics
Peter White COB Operations
Bruce Fickenscher Extension
Kristin McLaughlin Physics
Holly Ritzman Central Receiving/Surplus Property
Sara Watson Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Anita Pattison Mathematics
Zach Downey Office of International Programs
Florencia Pezzutti CEMML
Stephen Escobar Continuing Education
Alysha Tarantino CSU Extended Campus
Jacqueline Maher CEMML
Melinda Macpherson Extension
Hosam M. Ahmad Housing & Dining Services
Sarah White Laboratory Animal Resources
Bryan Dik Psychology
Carlos Rubio Reglado Campus Activities
Katherine Marchant WCNR
Prachi Mahawar College of Business
Gina Ricciardi CCU at the VTH
Jon Cumpsten Facilities Management
Janel Trumble Laboratory animal resources
Cassi Nichols Equine Sciences/Animal Sciences
Morgan Valley ERHS
Jeremy Dossey MIP
Joy Childress CSU Police Department
Angela Hayes Career Center
Kerry Grohman Energy Institute
Kaylee Clark Chemistry
Pat Hastings Sociology

2021 September Prize Winners

Chris Lute Systems Engineering
Mahesh Narayanan Nair Animal Sciences
Dezirae Todd Chemistry
Allison Pine History
Matthew Cheshier CVMBS College Office
Steve Kim Facilities Management
Tammy Brenner Plant Growth Facility
James Cox College of Natural Sciences
Mark Ritschard Dean of Engineering
Silvia Minguzzi Department of Art and Art History
Cody Frye Campus Recreation
Lauren Mingus Clinical Sciences
Alicia Sprague Office of Inclusive Excellence
Sheri Hofeling Mathematics
Maria Gore Argus Institute at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Josef Schneider Collaborative for Student Achievement
Vincent Torres BioMARC
Sudeep Pasricha Electrical and Computer Engineering
Barbara Pretzer Office of International Programs
Jennifer Neuwald Biology
Matt Camper Agricultural Biology
Robert Schorr Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Sheila Pelkey VTH, Neurology
Kelly Curl Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Pamela Kemp CVMBS College Office
Wendy Fothergill School of Education- Center for Educator Preparation
Ernest Chavez psychology
Deanna Adams Analytical Resources Core-Bio
Michelle Miller Business and Financial Services
David Hansen Facilities Management
Becca Mueller Facilities Management
Karen Barrett Human Development & Family Studies
Rick Miranda Mathematics
Evelyn Martinez Office of Financial Aid
Melissa Carlson University Housing
Kelsey Burket College of Health and Human Sciences – Dean’s Team
Victoria Benjamin Women and Gender Advocacy Center
Anja Wahl Wells WSCOE Dean’s Office
Debora Colbert The Institute for Learning and Teaching (TILT)
Marcella Vininski Admissions
Natalie Lester The Collaborative for Student Achievement
Gretchen Gerding College of Health and Human Sciences Dean’s Office
Leah Powers Veterinary Diagnostic Lab
Kellie Rainwater Procurement Services
Paul Martin CEMML
Marie Frank Division of IT
Jackie Riba Business and Financial Services
Lon Kendall Laboratory Animal Resources
Mark Paquette Athletics – Canvas Stadium
Rezwanul Parvez CSU Extended Campus

2021 May Prize Winners

Justeen Montelongo College of Business-Undergraduate Programs
Mike Barbre Information Systems
Shamera Loose Office of the Vice President for Research
Alyson Rome OVPR
David Peterson Ecosystem Science & Sustainability
Chris Ford CIRA
Meghan Schmidt Community Practice
Marne Lundstrom Military Studies
Holli Knutson CIRA 1375
Brianna Faulkner BioMARC
Amy Rich Tissue Trimming
Robert Paton Chemistry
Nakia Lilly Talent Development
Jamie Yarbrough Office of the Registrar
Keith Fisher Parking and Transportation Services
Paula Rodriguez Testing Center
Hannah Eppley CHHS – School of Social Work
Daniel Banuelos Enrollment and Access
Allison Pine History
Bethany Seymour Department of Communication Studies
Alison Finnman CSU Health Network IT Department
Cindy Ungerman Chemistry
Jason Huitt CSU Telecom
Arlene Schmid Occupational Therapy
Gretchen Fogle Central Receiving
Jackie Riba Business and Financial Services
Nicholas Tertel Office of Financial Aid
Ashleigh Jesionowski LSC Event Services
Colleen Webb Graduate School
Michael Kallsen Construction Management
Chelo Jorge Sponsored Programs
Lorelei Haas Admissions
Senesa Stinebaugh CSU VTH Service Excellence Department
Charlotte Salinas Orientation and Transition Programs
Lisabeth Bylina Communication Studies
Liza Hunn Engineering
Tami Riggs HDS Facilities
Julie Marsh CSU Online
Abby Weber Extension
Emily McIntyre Office of the Vice President for Research (Sponsored Programs)
Leighanne Alford College of Liberal Arts/University Advancement
Kristine Kofron SA Blood Bank
Courtney Conrad Orientation & Transition Programs
Joleen Wearne Information Systems
Lisa Metz Engineering Technology Services
Paige Kanatous Mathematics
Tana Fischer HDS Facilities
Anthony King Housing and Dining / HR Payroll
Brooklyn Hnizdil Office of Financial Aid
Nancy Pellman CSU Health Network

2021 April Prize Winners

Amanda Reed CSU VTH Orthopedic Medicine and Mobility
Estephanie Gonzalez CAS Dean IT
Noreen Reist Biomedical Sciences
Erin Napier IT Services, College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
Patricia Clark Small Animal Surgery VTH
Michael Fisher CSU Extension
Connie Schunter Facilities Management
Rogelio (Roger) Sanchez Facilities Management
Lindsey Wilhelm School of Music, Theatre and Dance-Music
Meggan Houlihan Libraries
Cheri Richardson Business and Financial Services
Kris Miller Office of Sponsored Programs
Abhimanyu Chawla Computer Science
Sally Winden CVMBS IT Services
Allison Burford Psychology
Angela Thompson Warner College of Natural Resources (WCNR)
Alireza Civil and Environmental Engineering
John Malsam HDS
Becky Bolinger Atmospheric Science
Noah Gent Annual Giving and Membership
Joy Enyinnaya Journalism and Media Communication
Sarah Reimer Veterinary Diagnostics Lab
Julia Hurdelbrink Extension
Summer Curtis Clinical Sciences
Mark A. Paquette Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness
Kim Samsel FWCB
Susan Lucero Admissions
Paul Newman Facilities
Alison Koss Department of Economics
Martha Perrotin RamCard Office
Amy Ferree Student Resolution Center
Alysha Ducharme Small Animal Surgery – VTH
Harrison Bridge Facilities Management (RCS)
Somer Gomez President’s Office
Michael Hogan Sociology
Asif Anwar Baig Mirza Electrical and Computer Engineering
Brittany Pearce Admissions
William Colleary CVMBS Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Michelle Adams Lab Animal Resources
Sara Bombaci Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
Heather Matthews Psychology/Biochemistry
Brian Kailey CSU Extension
Jenna Crowell MIP
Chelsey Lane COB Operations
Jennifer Thorland CSU Extended Campus
Laurie Stutz Diagnostic Lab – Sample Receiving
Josh Berning Dept of Ag and Resource Economics
Lauren Waldo CSU VTH Medical Records
Jenn Hatzel Clinical Sciences

2020 February Prize Winners

Michael Jaramillo College of Business
Beth Kilpatrick Health Network Medical
Teresa Miller Career Center
Chris Bergere Athletics
Ingrid Bridge Systems Engineering
Stefan Tonazzi CVMBS College Office
Bryan Salimbeni CVMBS College Office
Mary Gallegos Health Network Medical
Nicole Smith Office of Equal Opportunity
Ken Luna Facilities Management
Heather Matthews Psychology
Abby Hanouw Office of the Registar
Loretta Wilson CIRA
Carole McGregor Office of Financial Aid
Sally Winden CVMBS IT Services
Mari Strombom Housing and Dining Services
Lauren Wolff College of Business
Happy Bennett Web Communications
Khristy Jesse Construction Management
Darlene Maki Facilities Management
Catherine Alex Diemer COB, Undergraduate Programs
Natalie Cartwright COB, Undergraduate Programs
Linda Lee DeBuse CSU Diagnostic Lab
Cheryl Schiager Health Network Medical
Mark Uchanski Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Luke Langholz Support and Safety Assessment
Mike Mahony Facilities Management, RBC
Cathy Gray Health Network Medical
Haley Katz Alumni Relations

2019 December Prize Winners

Leslie Harper Housing and Dining Facilities
Stephanie McGrath Clinical Sciences
Brigid McDonnell Food Science and Human Nutrition
James Stekelberg Accounting
Jonathan Straube NREL
Jaime Joseph Atmospheric Science
Michael Katz Student Resolution Center
Katie Gerst Human Development & Family Studies
Ricki Ginsberg English
Stacie Smith Human Resources
Nancy Henke English
Amber Ramoz Lory Student Center

2019 November Prize Winners

Stacy Biggerstaff Psychology
Laura Fagan Biology
Alper Karslioglu Information Systems
Sarah Wilhelm Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
Carol Dollard Facilities
Laurel Milliken SoGES
Chuck Sawyer Facilities Management
Jan Iron Ag Experiment Station
Luis Bazan Facilities Management
Megan Mardesen Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Kathy Krell Lory Student Center
Sherrie Henderson Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Melissa Edwards TILT OURA

2019 October Prize Winners

Kris Miller Sponsored Programs
Deanna Worley Clinical Sciences
Cassi Nichols Animal Sciences
Kacy Paul Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Amanda Benker Travel
Marcella Vininski Admissions
Mark Deysher Health Network Medical
Mike Antolin Biology
Diana Wall SOGES
Rosanna Bateman College of Liberal Arts
Paula Coleman Food Science & Human Nutrition
Beit Gorski Health Network Counseling
Meagan Taverner Biology
James Dolak Housing and Dining Services
Sarah Ross Health and Exercise Science
LeAnne Schnader Office of Financial Aid
April Mellon Health Network Medical
Pam McCracken Health Network Counseling
Ana Madaleno Health Network Medical
Noreen Reist Biomedical Sciences
Robin Rathje Conference and Event Services
Nicole Dixon Health Network Medical
JoLynn Midcap Extension, Office of Engagement
Anita Pena Economics
Alison Koss Economics
Cherie Akin Business and Financial Services
Alicia Abbey Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management
Terri Blackmore Colorado State Forest Service

2019 August Prize Winners

Jamie Moyer Career Center
Tiffany Lipsey Health and Exercise Science
Kristen Otto BioAg Sciences
Michelle McCulloch Student Resolution Center
Jan Lee Cordova College of Business
Katie Dunphy Housing and Dining Services
Cheylin Smith Library, Interlibrary Loan
Stephanie Seng Housing and Dining Services
Pat Kehl Central Receiving
Elizabeth Webster Occupational Therapy
Kelsey Burket Health & Human Sciences Development Office
Jessica Veal LSC Event Services
Marianne Wieghaus Housing and Dining Services
Austin Benavides Facilities
Nick Cummings Equal Opportunity
Cheyenne Hall Office of Budgets
Jane Steward BSPM
Helen Bowden CSU Health Network

2019 July Prize Winners

Kevin Archer Housing & Dining Facilities
Melissa Bokovitz CSU Events & Donor Engagement
Erika Borges Vice President for University Operations
Barbara Braun VTH Central Supply
Tim Butler Residential Dining
Michael Buttram SLICE
Joe Cannon Marketing
Patti Davies Ocupational Therapy
Tegan Deeney Soil & Crop Sciences
Kyle Dick Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Biology
Joanne Divico CIRA
Janelle Dowling Housing & Dining Facilities
Jonie Fidek Office of Financial Aid
Fern Fiesthumel Health Network
Gretchen Fogle Central Receiving
Denise Gibson Health Network
Greg Head Career Center
Bree Hottinger Office of Financial Aid
Josephine Martinez LSC Event Planning
Laurie Minamide Biochemisty & Molecular Biology
Liza McNeely Health Network
Margaret Parks Management
Linda Paule Talent Management, Training and Support
Kathy Rickard Psychology
Barb Rose Clinical Sciences
LeAnne Schnader Office of Financial Aid
Adam Sergeant Facilities Management
Greg Serna Housing & Dining Facilities
Samantha Sickbert Psychology
Karen Solomon Biomedical Sciences
Sarah Solano Ag Sciences
Tara Spritzer Office of Financial Aid
Amy Towns Health Network

2019 May Prize Drawing Winners

Benjamin Burnham Campus Recreation
Cara Neth Administrative Communications
Nancy Henke English
Bryan Lamb School of Education
Kathy Fryer CIRA
Seth Webb Mountain Campus
Brittany Palmer Biomedical Sciences
Kelsie Condon Clinical Sciences
Kristen Sutter Health and Exercise Science
Linda Krier Vice President for Diversity
Jennifer Bornhoft ARDEL
Jaime Joseph Atmospheric Science
Greta Irvin CSU Foundation
Paul Layden Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Cher Li Economics
Bayram Turenov Human Resources
Stefan Tonazzi CVMBS College Office
Brittney Sly Housing and Dining Services
Debora Colbert Institute for Learning and Teaching
Christine Johnson Research Integrity and Compliance Review

2019 April Prize Drawing Winners

Stacy Cooper Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Jennifer Van Norman Student Case Management
Laurie Paben University Development
April Mellon Health Network Medical
Lynn Kaatz Biomedical Sciences
Susan Becker School of Education
Heather Reimer Central Receiving
Mike Manfredo Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Lori Williams Honors Program
Melanie Smith Nichols Collaborative for Student Achievement
Leigh Redeker Bookstore
Caitlin Carlson Vice President for University Advancement
Denise Parcesepe Forest and Rangeland Stewardship
Frank Bailey Parking and Transportation Services
Brenda Odgen College of Business Academic Support
Cheryl Bersagel Veterinary Teaching Hospital
John Hildebrand International Programs
Lynn Johnson University Operations
Richard Edwards Colorado State Forest Service
Donna Ketterer Registrar’s Office
Kevin Kurfman Housing and Dining Facilities
Julie Moore Psychology
Gretchen Gerding College of Health and Human Sciences
Rebecca Urich Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Roberta Brouwer Warner College of Natural Resources
Julia Bower CSU Foundation
Rick Brandes Biomedical Sciences
Kristi Bohlender Alumni Relations
Lauren Mingus Clinical Sciences

2019 March Prize Drawing Winners

Jessica Julch Facilities Management
Wendy Ball VTH Small Animal Reception
Caroline Eyre Residential Dining
Janine Gentile CVMBS
Michelle Wilde Library
Kristy Nowak Library
Nikki Foxley Ecosystem Science & Sustainability
Del Benson Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
Kayla Tejada Health Professionals Advising
Michael Randall Facilities Management
Heidi Runge Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Jean Runyan Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences
JJ Nelson Research Integrity & Compliance Review
Richard Blumlein Information Systems
Tiare Santistevan Animal Sciences
Tina O’Bryan Douglas County Extension
Joanne Tennant Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Gerrit Bouma Biomedical Sciences
Leilan McLaughlin Facilities Management
Susan Opp Political Science
Shirl Portillos Residence Life
Richard Thibault Central Receiving
John Wyckoff IDRC/BioMARC
Kim Kita Office of International Programs
Joleen Wearne Information Systems
Amy Schuster Human Development and Family Studies
Stephen Oglesby WCNR, IT
AnnaLee Mercado VTH – Financial Service
Karen Raines Biology
Karen Dickason Health Network Counseling Services
Chandra Electrical and Computer Engineering
Robert Schorr Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Katie Brayden Events and Donor Engagement
Monica Latham Library
Christie Luedtke Police Department

2019 January Prize Drawing Winners

Victoria Keller College of Health & Human Services
Jenny Leonetti CSU Extension – Eagle County
Christine Fruhauf Human Development & Family Services
Paul Cudmore College of Ag Sciences Dean’s Office
Aimee Jones International Programs
Sarah Vowels International Programs
Paul Collier International Programs
Ciara Cole Education Abroad
Elaine Kim RICRO
Paula Coleman Food Science & Human Nutrition
Teresa Miller The Career Center
Maggie Bruner Clinical Sciences
Kevin Nolan ACNS Telecom
Katie Norman Athletics Business Office
Sabrina Broderick Warner College of Natural Resources
Tony Venegas Residential Dining
Bryan Dik Psychology
Theresa Todd College of Business Operations
Lisa Hunter VTH, Argis Institute
Wendy Stevenson Computer Science
Anne Gordon Central Receiving
Zara Hopkins Food Science & Human Nutrition
Heather Hall Biomedical Sciences
Bob VanLangenhoven Information Systems
Dawn McIntosh Information Systems
Amanda Wimmer Student Disability Center
Jane Owen-Maul Mathematics
Susan Harris Extension
Jessie Striegel Human Dimension of Natural Resources
Amy Marso Clinical Sciences
Vanay Syme Conference and Event Services
Sudipto Ghosh Computer Science
Hayden Ahlbrandt Office of the Registrar
Carie Conway Sibbald Health Network
Scott Woods Colorado State Forest Service
Franck Dayan Bioagricultural Sciences & Pest Mgmt
Kaitlin Sherman Political Science
Cindy Lavin Athletics Business Office

2018 December Prize Drawing Winners

Rita Deike Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Mandy Falbo Health Network Medical
Christy Eylar International Programs
Craig Starger School of Global Environmental Sustainability
Laura Bonner Animal Sciences
N. Beth Kilpatrick Health Network Medical
Shannon Biehl Infectious Disease Research Center
Janet Mabon Institute for Learning & Teaching
Jay Oaks CVMBS College Office
Dani Magana Orientation & Transition Programs
Shannon Wagner Engineering
Rachel Lucas Health Network Counseling
Nicole Johnson COB Academic Support
Susan Golicic Management
Sarah Wilhelm Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Maggie Yates Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Kendra Allen Design and Merchandising
Amalia Ornelas Health Network Medical
Cathy Griffin Infectious Disease Research Center
Randall Lamb Housing and Dining Facilities

2018 November Prize Drawing Winners

Matt Smith Registar’s Office
Robin Wright Information Systems
Corey Slack Alumni Relations
Ryan Deming School of Global Environmental Sustainability
Allister Aradi Clinical Sciences
McKynna Fisher Health Network Medical
Carolin Aronis Communication Studies
Jason Cummings MIP
Ray Frush Information Systems
Jason Stringer Information Systems
Akiko Harada Registar’s Office
Gen Spering CSU Online
Hilary Klein Finance and Real Estate
Linda Kidder Journalism
Nikki Huff Health Network Medical
Ana Green Health Network Medical

CSU vs New Mexico Football Game Tickets

Teresa Rice Native American Culture Center

2018 October Prize Drawing Winners

Ruben Flores College of Agricultural Sciences
Maggie Walsh President’s Office
Sarah Olson International Programs
Cally Stockton Institute for Learning and Teaching
Heather Bellotti School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Erin Allen Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Mark Britton Information Systems
Martha Perrotin RamCard Office
Jared Cumpsten Facilities Management
Jesse Epstein Health Network Medical
Marvin Withers Residence Life
Matt Markle Housing and Dining Facilities
Brenda Hoffman Office of the Registrar
Jacie Ullrich Warner College of Natural Resources
Nicole Smith Office of Equal Opportunity
Emily Kohan Athletics
Cindy Ungerman Chemistry
Amy King Infectious Disease Research Center
Maria Gore Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Rachel Martinez The Access Center

CSU vs Illinois State Football Game Tickets

Charlene Spencer Graduate School

2018 June Prize Drawing Winners

Theresa Strom Parking and Transportation
Ellen Hughes Extension
Jordan Sowell INTO CSU/English Program
Jonathan Straube NREL
Megan Kosovski Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Julie Becker Biomedical Sciences
Alexa Pickles VTH Oncology
Denise Gibson Health Network
Loretta Wilson CIRA
Marilyn Watson CIRA
Eileen Griego Office of Financial Aid
Heather Matthews Psychology
Anne Van Arsdall VP for Undergraduate Affairs
Karri Smith Health & Exercise Science
Caroline Eyre Residential Dining
Keri Canada College of Liberal Arts
Eva Burch Facilities Maintenance
Michael Lohman CSU Police Department
Celeste Ulland Business and Financial Services
Sarah Reimer Diagnostic Laboratory
Helen Holmquist-Johnson School of Social Work
Matt Smith Registrar’s Office
Kyla Masciarelli INTO CSU
David Bradford Parking and Transportation
Leilani Weirich Parking and Transportation
Grant Polzer Business and Financial Services
Stephanie Swanson Facilities Management
Catherine Jensen CSU Campus Recreation
Scot Smith International Programs

2018 May Prize Drawing Winners

Paula Coleman Food Sciences & Human Nutrition
Linda Krier VP Diversity
Linda Paule Talent Management, Training & Support
Leslie Cunningham-Sabo Food Sciences & Human Nutrition
Shannon Wagner Engineering
Vickie Bank Residential Life/HDS
Siu-Au Lee Physics
Sheila Pelkey VTH Neurology
Allyce Lobdell CVMBS
Anastasia Brazil-Engleman Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Diane Barrett Office of Sponsored Programs
Marilyn Morrisey Office of Sponsored Programs
Anita Pena Economics
Luke Murray Athletics
Cindy Standley Food Sciences & Human Nutrition
Robert Zimdahl Facilities Management
Andrew Reynolds Office of Sponsored Programs
Pushpa Lehene-Singh Admissions
Josephine Martinez Event Planning
Joseph Bazan Admissions
Kara Johnson College of Health & Human Services
Linda Hinshaw Civil & Environmental Engineering
Colleen Rodriguez Creative Services

2018 April Prize Drawing Winners

Travis Webb Office of Budgets
Erika Benti Parking & Transportation
Robin Young Extension
Tiffani Kelly Native American Cultural Center
Valerie McIntyre Freymuth Student Legal Services
Rick Knight HDNR
Deanna Worley Clinical Sciences
Brian Newell Chemistry
Jane Burkman Chemistry
Lauren Kroll Creative Services
Sara Razza Office of Financial Aid
Maurice Ombogo CSU Online
Lizzetta Elder Parking & Transportation
Courtney Peterson Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Trish Torrez Admissions
Darin Sanders Creative Services
Michaela Pariseau Creative Services

2018 March Prize Drawing Winners

Patti Schmitt Extension
Scot Allen OVPR
Ludy Avalos Graduate School
Samantha Sickbert Psychology
Janet Meine Talent Management, Training & Support
Brianna Faulkner BioMARC
Jarvis Choury SoGES
Megan Boone Athletics
Bonnie Ham Facilities Maintenance
Daniel Cantarini Health Network Medical
Rebecca McCarty Office of Equal Opportunity
Paula White College of Agricultural Sciences
Karla Saavedra-Rodriguez Microbiology, Immunology, Pathology
Irma Sanchez-Vargas Microbiology, Immunology, Pathology
Erin Whipple Psychology
Mary Hile Facilities Maintenance
Donald Tuttle Fish, Wildlife & Conservation Biology
Pamila Johnson VTH
Mac Danford Finance & Real Estate
Jeff Miller Food Science & Human Nutrition
Gwen Cooper Facilities Maintenance
Kristina Gosselin Soil & Crop Sciences
Desir’e Martinez Colorado State Forest Service

2018 February Prize Drawing Winners

Ben Bongers School of Education
Niki Roatch VTH, Clinical Sciences
Perla Duarte Facilities Management
Marvin Withers Residence Life
Dennis Cyboron Facilities Management
Bonnie Kelso Facilities Management
Holli Knutson CIRA
Sarah O’Donnell International Programs
Kathleen Chynoweth Art & Art History
Zara Hopkins Food Science & Human Nutrition
Lauren Lucio Sponsored Programs
Thomas Yasumura Biomedical Sciences
Janelle Dowling Housing and Dining
Brian Coakley Facilities Management
Michael Boyle Facilities Management
Reagan Lu College of Agricultural Sciences
Karen Sprouse Health Network Medical
Genesea Carter English
John Lewis Facilities Management
Irene Anguiano Facilities Management
Jamie Fouty CVMBS
Nancy Grice Colorado Water Institute
Julia Smith CSU Online, Continuing Education

2018 January Prize Drawing Winners

Joanne Saher NREL
Jim Lawton Facilities
Louie Sanchez CSU Apartment Life
Christie Mathews CSU Apartment Life
Ana Green Health Network Medical
Susan Schoenig Health Network Medical
Kelly Bauer Office of Financial Aid
Heidi Mechtenberg Facilities
Jennifer Scheffing CAS
Rochelle Mellott Facilities
Michael Randall Facilities
Linda M.H. Price CSU Apartment Life
Michael Macklin CSU Online
Gretchen Holt Health Network Medical
Clint McBlair Sponsored Programs
Ginger Lacy-Gill Psychology
Karen Baines Biology
Sarah Vowels International Programs
Pat Demchok Telecommunications
Kara Hall Clinical Sciences
Pamela Cox Food Science and Human Nutrition

2017 December Prize Drawing Winners

Stacey Baumgarn Facilities
Becca Mueller Facilities
David Anderson Colorado National Heritage Program
Rhoya Wei Soil and Crop Sciences
Brian Kalet Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Roberta Brouwer WCNR
Paul Collier International Programs
Julie Pinkston College of Liberal Arts
Amy Quinn-Sparks Human Development & Family Studies
Linn Barrett CIRA
Lyndsey Linke Clinical Sciences
Dwayne Watson EFNEP
Paul Laybourn Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Alicia Sprague Office of the VP for Diversity
Lauren Mitrik Health Network Medical
Melissa Hein CVMBS College Office
Jackie Peila-Shuster School of Education
Kimberly Cox-York Food Science and Human Nutrition
Jennifer Brigham College of Business
Susan Sidinger Extension

CSU vs San Jose State Football Game Tickets

Sheri Hofeling Mathematics Department

CSU vs Boise State Football Game Tickets

Anna Marie Almanza Collaborative for Student Achievement

2017 November Prize Drawing Winners

Renee Macey CSU Online
Kyle Oldham Housing & Dining Services
Heather Reimer Central Receiving
Rodolfo Valdes Vasquez Construction Management
Syl DeLeon Marketing, CSU Online
Emily Garner Office of International Programs
Karen Klein College of Business
Briana Russell Conference & Event Services
Bryan Lamb School of Education
Nancy Gus NREL
Ann Bohm-Small Office of Vice President for Research
Karima Bounini Continuing Education
Lori Oling Library
Donna Sosna Dept of Ag & Resource Economics
Chris McKenzie Willenbrock Housing & Dining Services
Terra Sampson Human Dimension of Natural Resources
Leslie Butler Biomedical Sciences/ARBL
Adriann LaRue Procurement Services
Christie Luedtke Police Department
Ross Madden College of Natural Sciences

CSU vs Air Force Football Game Tickets

Amanda Cavanagh Clinical Sciences

2017 October Prize Drawing Winners

Sheryl Mitchell School of Education
Keri Sizemore VTH
Jason Franikowski HDS Technology Services
Tracy Nelson Health and Exercise Services
Tim Wood Student Resolution Center
Barb Braun VTH
Daniel Bowker Natural Resource Ecology Lab
Jeanne Breiner Registar
Ana Fairchild Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Tina Little School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Gene Stroh Transportation Services
Pete Seel Journalism & Media Communication
Amy Joesten VTH
Catherine Douras College of Agriculture
Andrew Cundiff LSC Dining/Catering
Lori Williams Honors Program
Tom Lucero Bookstore
Okee Hanna Provost/Executive VP
Edit Szalai Microbiology, Immunology, & Pathology

CSU vs Nevada Football Game Tickets

Delwin Benson Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

2017 September Prize Drawing Winners

Tiare Santistevan Animal Services
Lindsay Bass Biomedical Sciences
Robb Valley FastPrint
Stephanie Baudhuih Department of External Relations
Joan Paulsen Facilities Management
Melissa Helfrich College of Business
Olivia Burlingham Biomedical Sciences
Audrey Oberlin Microbiology, Immunology, & Pathology
Sandra Innes Libraries
Jennifer Buchfink Registrar’s Office
Richard Edwards Colorado State Forest Service
Ronda Perry FastPrint
Dakota Schuppe Conference & Event Services
Shauna DeLuca International Programs
Bri Olmstead Athletics
Michael Roberts Economics
Eileen Miyoshi Clinical Sciences
Yvonne Bridgemen Extension
Lee Nagle College of Health & Human Sciences

CSU vs Abilene Christian Wildcats Football Game Tickets

Carin Hermann In-House Counsel

Rocky Mountain Showdown Football Game Tickets

Maurice Ombogo Continuing Education
Kristin Pintauro School of Global Environment

Employee Appreciation Celebration Swag Winners

Heather Meyers Housing and Dining
Indy Hart COB Academic Support
Korina Burn College of Natural Sciences
Darlene Maki Facilities Management
Nora Cruz Admissions
Bayram Turenov Human Resources
Abbit Zablocki Facilities Management
Jo Demmler Residential Dining
Mark Enns Animal Sciences
Happy Bennett Web Communications

2017 May Prize Drawing Winners

Sally Sauer Soil and Crop Sciences
Leigh Redeker Bookstore
Siu Au Lee Physics
Krystal Turner Registar’s Office
Traci Kile Schwartz College of Health and Human Services
Colleen Dawn McIntosh Information Systems
Julia Veir Clinical Sciences
Debra Lewis CEMML
Allison Burford SOGES
Lindsey Bryant College of Business, Academic
Alex Carter College of Business, Academic
Steven Schaeffer Mechanical Engineering
Anne Van Arsdall Human Development and Family Studies
Meagan Taverner Biology
Melissa E. Helfrich College of Business, Dean’s Office
Kerry Wenzler Orientation and Transition
Mark Ritschard College of Engineering
Kevin Nolan ACNS Telecom
Carol McCloskey VTH Reception
Rebecca Everett Business Financial Cashier’s Office
Mark Cooper Communication and Creative Services
Craig Starger SOGES

2017 April Prize Drawing Winners

Barbara Lorenz Athletics
Joann Cornell Asian/Pacific American Cultural Center
Amy Quinn-Sparks Human Development & Family Studies
Celeste Ulland ARO/Perkins Loans
Stefan Tonazzi CVMBS College Office
Iuliana Oprea Mathematics
Wendy Johnson Physics
Shelly Heckendorf Vet Hospital
Martha Perrotin RamCard Office
Joyce Owens Central Receiving
Madelein Lopez Microbiology, Immunology & Pathology
Travis Maynard Management, Associate Professor
Melissa Connolly Counseling
Jim Zakely Center for Advising-CASA
Kelly Labor Athletics
Lyn Martin CSU Health Network
Mary Dolce Warner College of Natural Resources
Terri Bedan Business & Financial Services
Amy Denise-Halter Vice President for Student Affairs
Megan Boone Athletics

2017 March Prize Drawing Winners

Linda Williams School of Education
Karen Hanawalt Food Science Human Nutrition
Sharon Chapman Business & Financial Services
Lindsay Bass BMS/ERL
Kelli Clark School of Education
Keri Wright RICRO
Tom Johnson ERHS
Jessie Striegel Human Dimension of Natural Resources
Beverly Devault LCS IT Services
Richard Thibault Central Receiving
Clint Brown CBMBS
Allen Sneesby ACNS
Amanda Giacalone University Advancement
Wesley Scharf Liberal Arts
Seth Webb Mountain Campus
Sandra Larson VTH Flint Animal Cancer Center
Lea Martin SLICE
Sarah Pooler JMC Journalism
Khishigbayar Jamiyansharoav Forest & Rangeland Stewardship
Laura Thomas English
Ellen Brinks English
Christy Dice Veterinary Diagnostic Lab
Scott Ratchford Veterinary Diagnostic Lab
Carl Kichinko Creative Services
Sonali Diddi Design and Merchandising
Kristin Haller Construction Management

2017 February Prize Drawing Winners

Amalia Campuzano Housing & Dining Services
Katie Brayden College of Health & Human Services
Dawn Trumley College of Liberal Arts Dean’s Office
Joleen Wearne Information Systems
Anna Almanza Key Communities
Kristin Stephens Statistics
Jackie Schneider Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Adrienne Marcus CVMBS
Christine Discoe INTO CSU
Kathy Griffey Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Rita Deike Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Elizabeth Hobbs Horticulture
Yoojeong Noh CIRA
Haley Richards Center for Advising & Student Achievement
Erin Mercurio Campus Services
Beth Walker Dean’s Office
Rhonda Walker Resources for Disabled Students
Stephen Escobar CSU Online
Cheyenne Hall Office of Budgets

2016 December Prize Drawing Winners

Kelly Siefkes Facilities
Paul Cudmore College of Ag Sciences
Sara Watson BMS
Jennifer Clary School of Music, Theatre and Dance
Bolan Marlin Facilities Management
Laura Navarez de Lopez Parmelee Hall
Leilani Weirich Parking Services
Jean Runyon ERHS
Lynda Reed Clinical Sciences AAC
Veronica Gruppo MIP
Kendra Gumeson Reitz LSC Bookstore
Donald Kliewer Resources for Disabled Students
Brenda Duffy CSH Health Network Counseling Services
Cheryl Hegel Clinical Pathology
Barb Gustison BFS
Lauretta Terrell CSU Health Network
Heather Reiner Central Receiving
Leslie Armstrong-Lea MIP
Hillary Nobel CVMBS
Laurie C Craig COE Academic & Student Affairs

2016 November Prize Drawing Winners

Heidi Stuckert Financial Aid
Ben Bongers School of Education
Carla Durante Registrar
Nicole Tobin International Programs
Samantha Mayhew Atmospheric Science
Paula White College of Agricultural Sciences
Megan Griffith CAS Dean’s Office
Ashwin Dhanasekar Civil Engineering
Zally Samaniego Housing and Dining
Brenda Miles Social Work
Stan Kruse TILT
Megan Skeehan College of Business
Kathi Nietfeld Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Thomas Lundberg Art and Art History
Kerry Grohman CSU Energy Institute
Amber Ramoz Campus Activities
Megan Mardesen Forest and Rangeland Stewardship
Suzanne Faris Art and Art History
Jenna Oxenhandler Diagnostic Medicine Center
Darrel Snyder Fish, Wildlife, and Biology
Lori Williams Cell and Molecular Biology
Diana Collins LAR
Marilyn Watson CIRA

2016 October Prize Drawing Winners

David Leathers Business and Financial Services
Kameren Long Colorado State Forest Service
Michelle Miller CVMBS
Amanda Wright Communication Studies
Simone Short WCNR
Shirley Portillos Residence Life
Adriann LaRue Procurement Services
Robyn Mascolino Clinical Sciences
Maria Huerta Housing and Dining
Chris Willenbrock Housing and Dining
Jacob Green CSU Health Network
Bonnie Kelso Facilities Warehouse
Max Kellogg Registrar’s Office
Laura Bariera Extension
Marilyn Morrisey Sponsored Programs
Hannah Penland Residential Dining
Linda Moller Ag Business Center
Ruben Flores Ag Sciences
Reneka Hall Biology

2016 September Prize Drawing Winners

Keri Sizemore Vet Teaching Hospital
Tiffany Lipsey Health and Exercise Science
Laura Leinen Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere (CIRA)
Deborah Krogh-Michna Occupational Therapy
Lizzetta Elder Parking & Transportation
Heather Matthews Psychology
Joshua Alvarez Support & Safety Assessment
Daniel Bowker NREL
Amber Riley Internal Auditing
Kathleen Ivy Resources for Disabled Students
Terrie Craven CVMBS
Janel Trumble Laboratory Animal Resources
Amanda Davey Atmospheric Science
Amy Moore Bookstore
David Staats Horticulture and L.A.
Mitchell Holston Housing & Dining Services
Dezarai Brubaker Conference & Event Services
Nancy “Beth” Anderson Reception
Jill Putman Geosciences
Jessica Rivera Hartshorn Clinic
Alisa Kates CSU Health Networ

2016 May Prize Drawing Winners

Colleen Rodriguez Creative Services
Amber Ramoz Campus Activities
Linda Price Housing and Dining
Amy Hoseth Library
Heather Matthews Psychology
Christine Fruhauf HDFS
Andrea Jordan Mail Production
Nasser Albelruti Provost Office
Jen Tucker Small Animal Surgery
Allison Bielak Human Development
Randall Lamb HSC
Mohamed Shahba Hort & Landscape Arch.
Janice Brown CVMBS
Jordan Sowell English/INTO
Leah Davis IDRC
Chris Stein Finance & Real Estate
Lori Williams Cell & Molecular Biology
Sarah Sypian External Relations
Cindy Swindell CSU Health Network Counseling
Kellie Rainwater University Operations
Kathy Lucas Chemistry
Shannon Dale HHS
Sagarika Sarma Student Case Management
Jill Putman Geosciences
Rhonda Perry Fastpring
Andrea Bohn MIP
Cherie Akin Business Financial Systems
Rebekah Smelser OPS Management

2016 April Prize Drawing Winners

Tim Butler Housing and Dining
Theresa Strom Parking & Transportation Services
Aleta Weller School of Global Environment
Barbara Bernstein Biochemistry
Neda Amidon Biochemistry
Angela Guggemos Construction Management
Siobhan Venman Continuing Education
Asuka Nosaka Student Financial Services
Regina Franklin INTO
Janice Inman Veterinary Diagnostic Labs
Corrine Lindstadt MIP
Debbie Owens Business and Financial Services
Craig Chesson Conflict Resolution
Joanna Holliday College of Ag Sciences
Kristine Ewan International Initiatives
Nikki Foxley Ecosystem Science
CJ Keist Dean of Engineering
Scot Smith International Programs
Jose Traub-Dargatz Clinical Sciences
Melissa Shrader Facilities Management
Paula White Ag Business Center
Summer Leaming Business and Financial Services
Angelina J. Lopez VP Enrollment and Access
Marcia M. Stille VTH Livestock
Sally Samer Soil and Crop Science
Paula Mills VP Engagement
Mary C. Demchok Dental Clinic

2016 March Prize Drawing Winners

Shannon Miller Registar
D.Tobiassen Baitinger Registar
Kyle Oldham Resident Life
Anita Pattison Mathematics
Shannon Clark BioAg Science & Pest Management
Kyle Jean VTH Pharmacy
Pamila Johnson VTH Call Center
Brian Grube Parking and Transportation
Cindy Arrieta Diagostic Lab
James Owiny Lab Animal Resources
Meagan Taverner Biology
Jean Runyan ERHS
Morna Mynard Clinical Services
Valerie Sabados Catering Dish Room
Beverly DeVault LCS, IT Department
Tana Fischer Operations Management
Janet Meine Talent Management & Training and Support
Terri Pecora Registar
Keri A. Wright MIP
Johnna Bontadelli CSU Health Network
Jocelyn Boice University Libraries
Rose Long CSFS
Theresa Todd College of Business
Elissa French Lab Animal Resources
Carol Dollard Facilities
Lin Barrett CIRA
Alan Hill Information Systems
Lilly Dethier Biology
Tess Martin VP Student Affairs

2016 February Prize Drawing Winners

Kacie Reed CVMBS
Alysha Tarantino Continuing Education
Tonya Buchan TILT
Krystal Chapin Biomedical Science
Kerry Grohman Energy Institute
Jay Oaks CVMBS
Polly Webb Small Animal Surgery
Leigh Cooper Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Barbara Pelkus Lab Animal Services
Shannon Wagner CSU Online
Tiffany Lipsey Health and Exercise Science
Don Albrecht ACNS
Patricia Cochran Business & Financial Services
Linda Lee DeBuse Diagnostic Lab
Kate Huebner Livestock
Peter Weckesser Information Services
Praba Uhnithan Sociology
Lori Bates Extension
Joan Paulsen Facilities Management
Bonnie Jacobi Music
Dara Schwartz CVMBS

2015 December Prize Drawing Winners

Mike Barbre Information Systems
Rosemary Bayless Clinical Sciences
Heather Blair Environmental Health Services
Jason Deeming Facilities Management
Rita Deike Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Christine Discoe INTO CSU
Bill Durham Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Nancy Graham Molecular, Cellular & Integrative Neurosciences
Jennifer Hawley Clinical Sciences
Emily Hudson-Arns Soil & Crop Sciences
Lori Kogan Clinical Sciences
Rayann Martinez HDS Operations Management
David Meeneghan Colorado State Forest Service
Michelle Miller Diagnostic Lab
Arianne Morris Clinical Sciences
Lee Rosen Psychology
Gene Stroh Transportation Services
Julia Vier Clinical Sciences
Cecilia White Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Deanna Worley Clinical Sciences

2015 November Prize Drawing Winners

Monica Burk Dining Services
Mark Barry Continuing Education
Mike Mahony HDS Operations Managment
Marianna Walsh Registrar’s Office
Mike Hogan Sociology
Crystal Cole Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Leilan McLaughlin Facilities Management
Suzanne Faris Art and Art History
Nancy Halliburton HDS Residential Dining
Jordan Jensen Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere
Veronica Gruppo Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Jason Ahola Animal Sciences
Earl Nelson Facilities Management
Katie Risheill Registrar’s Office
Japheth Hessler CSU Health Network

2015 October Prize Drawing Winners

Deanna Adams Proteomics
Teresa Benavides Facilities Management
Lanita Doering Human Development and Family Studies
Jesse Epstein CSU Health Network
Michele Faris CSU Health Network
Heather Foster Campus Recreation
Annette Gonzales Mathematics and Statistics
Shirley Guitron Institute for Teaching and Learning
Sheri Hofeling Mathematics and Statistics
Jennifer Iron Agricultural Experiment Station
Kent Laflair Sponsored Programs
Nakia Lilly Conflict Resolution
Lea Martin SliCE
Linda Meserve Procurement Services
Kristine Obssuth Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Ian Orme Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Irma Sanchez-Vargas Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Sarah Solano College of Agriculture Sciences
Maria Lourdes Tejada Lory Student Center
Richard Thibault Central Receiving
Tracey Trukillo Sponsored Programs
Renee Wieszcholek CSU Health Network

2015 September Prize Drawing Winners

Bob Provopulos College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences
Joanne Fiek Student Financial Services
Laura Bonner Animal Sciences
Jennifer Lobermeier External Relations
Rebecca Hill Agricultural and Resource Economics
Charles Sawyer Facilities Management
Matt Smith Registrar’s Office
Zach Mellema Colorado State Forest Service
Jamie McCue Academic Computing and Networking Services

2015 March Prize Drawing Winners

 Tracy Trujillo  Sponsored Programs
 Nancy Venturado  Housing and Dining
 Christina Gates  Diagnostic Lab
 Nick Cummings  Office of Equal Opportunity
 Deanna Adams  Proteomics
 Heather McCormick  Residence Life
 Thao Biel  Business and Financial Services
 Casey Kesvar  Cntr for Envir. Mmgt. of Military Lands
 Anna Bernhard  Art Department
 Theresa Strom  Parking and Transportation Services
 Vickie Slaton  Access Center
 Fabiola Ehlers-Zavala  INTO
 Thorban Sellers  Facilities
 Robin Hubziger  Lory Student Center Business Office
 Felicia Zamora  College of Business
 Jessica Prenni  Proteomics and Metabolomics
 Marlin Bolan  Facilities
 Elizabeth Sink  Communication Studies
 Keri Sizemore Small Animal Reception
 Paula White Ag Business Center

 2015 February Prize Drawing Winners

 Teresa McClure  Graduate School
 Kathleen Chynoweth  Art Department
 Wendy Johnson  Physics Department
 Joleen Wearne  Information Systems
 Beverly Marquart  Psychology Department
 Joyce Pratt  Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
 Tiffany Lipsey  Health and Exercise Science
 Sean Seal  Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
 Carla Barela Bloom  Center for Advising and Student Achievement
 Lynn Borngrebe  International Programs
 Bryan Dik  Psychology Department
 Scott Campbell  Housing and Dining Services
 Lavon Forzani  Parking and Transportation Services
 Terri Rogakis  Housing and Dining Services
 Pat Spooner  Information Systems
 Charlotte Shanahan  Accounts Receivable
 Cindy Ungerman  Chemistry Department
 Lori Peek  Sociology
 Melanie Smith Nichols  Center for Advising and Student Achievement
 Sandy Hopper  Equine Science
 Travis Maynard  Management Department

2015 January Prize Drawing Winners

 Julie Asmus Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences
 Sarah Solano College of Agricultural Sciences
 Cassidy McLaren Psychology Department
 Joanna Holliday College of Agricultural Sciences
 Leilan McLaughlin Facilities Management
 Mary Stromberger Soil and Crop Sciences
 Pamila Johnson Veterinary Teaching Hospital
 Jennifer Lobermeier Office of Vice President for External Relations
 Elaine Kim Research Integrity and Compliance Review
 Noreen Reist Biomedical Sciences
 Lori Vanagunas Residential Dining
 Edrea Roybal Student Financial Services
 Sara Colorosa Colorado State Forest Service
 James Seiler Residential Dining
 Iuliana Oprea Mathematics Department
 Brenda Miles School of Social Work
 Megan Dyer RamCard Office

 2014 December Prize Drawing Winners

 Roberta Magnuson  Clinical Sciences
 Dawn Rumley  College of Liberal Arts
 Chris Churma  International Programs
 Lori Bates  CSU Extension
 Hillary Noble  College of Vet Med and Biomedical Sciences
 Jennifer Scheffing  College of Agricultural Sciences
 Nancy Jianakoplos  Economics
 Shaun Geisert  Vice President for Student Affairs
 Debra Ellison  Business and Financial Services
 Silvia Canetto  Psychology
 Desir’e Martinez  Colorado State Forest Service
 Sharon Chapman  Business and Financial Services
 Carol Ann Pfeif  Lory Student Center
 Jonathan Straube  Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
 Terri Randolph  Bioagricultural  Sci. and Pest Management
 Lisa Lytle  Conference and Event Services
 Stephanie Seng  Human Development and Family Studies
 Nora Cruz  Admissions
 Theresa Span  Library

2014 November Prize Drawing Winners

2014 May Prize Drawing Winners

Marshall Beaver Hartshorn
Neda Amidon Biochemistry
Kim Vanderpool Biomedical Sciences
Kerry Grohman Veterinary Medicine/Biomedical Sciences
Shannon Miller Registrar’s Office
Rachel MacIntyre CSU Medical Clinic
Karena Alons Topf Mathematics
Barbara Risheill Libraries
Brinda Hadeen Facilities
Matt Markle Facilities, Plumbing
Barbara Lorenz Conference Services
Janet Gilliland Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology
Bryan Dik Psychology
Lindsay Mason Off Campus Life
Marianna Walsh Registrar’s Office
Helene Bennett CIRA
Victoria Lopez-Terrill Archives and Special Collections
Ron Sega Dean of Engineering
Gretchen Kenny INTO
Sheri Hofeling Mathematics
Justin Smalley Construction Management
Nicole Cordova Facilities Management
Jan Lee Cordova Admissions
Kim Okamoto Office of Vice President, Student Affairs
Dezarai Brubaker Conference Services

2014 April Prize Drawing Winners

Kelsey Snyder Graduate School
John Jordan INTO
Julie Orwick Warner College of Natural Resources
Fabiola Ehlers-Zavala INTO
Kevin Pond Animal Sciences
Catherine Murphy Business and Financial Services
Lindsay Johnson-Athey Housing and Dining
Janice Brown College of Vet Med/Biomedical Sciences
Mandy Hagedorn Housing and Dining Services
Kathy Reese Journalism and Technical Communication
Marty Welsch Office of Vice President for Research
Brett Anderson University Advancement
Denise Morgan Chemical Engineering
Nora Cruz Admissions
Karen Gardenier International Programs
Terri Rogakis Housing and Dining Services
Lyndsey Linke Clinical Sciences
Karen Fawcett Registrar’s Office
Mary Atella Colorado State Forest Service

2014 March Prize Drawing Winners

Dawn Mallette School of Education
Kelly Swetich Biomedical Sciences
Jeanne Breiner Registrar’s Office
Rochelle Mellott Facilities
Sean Seal Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology
Patti Davies Occupational Therapy
Elizabeth Mera Rivera Housing
Anita Pattison Mathematics
Thomas R. Lundberg Art
Sharon Lassiter Colorado State Forest Service
Melissa Shrader Facilities
Jack Bauer Housing
William Demchok Telecommunications
Robert Charles Kerlee Veterinary Medicine/Biomedical Sciences
James Potter Facilities Maintenance
Keylee Dahlgren Hartshorn
Brenda Hoffman Registrar’s Office
Andy Borchert Environmental Health Services
Michael A. Torrez Facilities
Megan Dyer Housing and Dining Services

2014 February Prize Drawing Winners

Jill Lackett NREL
Terri Ward Clinical Sciences
Mary Fryer CIRA
Wesley Scharf Extension
Heidi Stuckert Student Financial Services
Lavon Forzani Parking and Transportation
Colin McCrary Housing and Dining Services
Korina Brim Chemistry
David Jones CEMML
Jeff Miller Food Science and Human Nutrition
Jody Donovan Vice President for Student Affairs
Becky Trentlage MIP
Joy Olimpo CASA
Hillary Morrell College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Kellie Rainwater Vice President, University Operations
Alex Carter College of Business
Diana Selby Colorado State Forest Service
Debra Parker Housing and Dining Services

2014 January Prize Drawing Winners

Susan Deines Microbiology – Parking
Glen Vance Registrar’s Office
Suzanne Faris Art
Teresa Krueger Colorado State Forest Service
Judith Barth Extension
Lisa Olsen CSU Health Network
David Bradford Parking and Transportation
Madlyn D’Andrea CASA
Leslie Armstrong-Lea PMF
Sylvia Martinez Student Financial Services
Valerie Parker Ag Sciences
Rebecca Boxford Medical Records
Chris Domanik Human Resource Services
Kimberly Cox-York Food Science and Human Nutrition
Beverly Williams MIP
Teresa Haas CSU Health Network
Sherrie Henderson Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Laurie Craig College of Engineering
Elden Flick Information Systems
Erica Burr Information Systems
Angela Hoffman Residence Life
Charlene Spencer Statistics

2013 November Prize Drawing Winners

Betty Duncan Facilities Management
Linda Ahuna Vice President, Student Affairs
Regina Franklin INTO
Jackie Schneider Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Sarah Sypian External Relations
Bev Munroe Registrar’s Office
Jeff Sturgeon Vice President, Engagement
Joleen Wearne Information Systems
Nakia Lilly Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct Services
Peter Weckesser Information Systems
Mary Little Colorado State Forest Service
Mack Freestone Property Management, Business and Financial Services
Lorraine Dunn History
Rosanna Bateman College of Liberal Arts, Academic Support Center
Terri Pecora Registrar’s Office
Katie Brayden College of Health and Human Sciences, Development
Marcy Massing College of Liberal Arts
Brenda Martin Biomedical Sciences
Jennifer Campbell Veterinary Teaching Hospital, Client Services
James Folkestad School of Education
Kelley Wittmeyer Atmospheric Sciences
Barb Maynard Institute for Learning and Teaching
Holli Knutson Cooperative Institute for Research in the Atmosphere

2013 October Prize Drawing Winners

Anita Pena Economics
Clint McBlair Sponsored Programs
Jeff Lyng Center for the New Energy Economy
Ellen Brinks English
Jerry Ondaro LSC Catering
Andrew Cundiff LSC Catering
Sandra Innes Libraries
Jessica Cromley Civil Engineering
Cindy Ungerman Chemistry
Stephanie Clemons Design & Merchandising
Steven Kelley Dining
Joyce Owens Mail Production
Jan Carroll CSU Extension
Tom Plant Center for New Energy
Sharal Foss CSU Extension
Sareta Carmody Library

2013 May Prize Drawing Winners

Angela Guggemos Construction Management
Michael Lingk Facilities PMSC Shop
Miel McCarthy Vice President, Student Affairs
Sally Hensley Equine and Livestock Reception
Anita Schiebel Diagnostic Lab
Andrea Bozoin Access Center
Kathy Gargan Information systems
Sudipto Ghosh Computer Science
Denise Morgan Chemical Engineering
Carol Calliham Philosophy
Kathleen Chynoweth Art Department
Vicki Slaton Access Center
Judy MacDonald Donor Relations
Melissa Shrader Facilities Management
Pamila Johnson VTH Call Center
Amy Marso VTH Call Center
Pam Bishop Social Work
Zach Campain Treasury Services
Lisa Duggan CSU Health Network
Beth Fritzler Business and Financial Services
Amy Sullivan Atmospheric Sciences

2013 April Prize Drawing Winners

Clark Irwin Billones Academic Advancement Center
Theresa Krueger Colorado State Forest Service
Bev Newton Information Systems
Cherie Akin Business and Financial Services
Cindy Befus Graduate School
Heidi Stucka Student Financial Services
Cathy Bedwell Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Fran Wilson Bookstore
Elizabeth Terry College of Liberal Arts
David Carpenter Mechanical Engineering
Laura Barrera CSU Extension
Stephen Escobar Registrar’s Office
Sharie Harless State 4-H, Extension
Shannon Miller Degree and Transfer Evaluation Registrar’s Office
Julie Harvey Sponsored Programs
Debra Ellison Property Management
Renie Olson Health Network
Joan Kerr College of Engineering
Anna Rohrbacker Parking Services
Kris Kodrich Journalism
Barbara Woolf CEMML

2013 March Prize Drawing Winners

Catherine Douras Sponsored Programs
Cris Sexton ERHS
Cam Elvheim Housing
Sharon Anderson School of Education
Tom Holtzer Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management
Karen Allison Soil and Crop Sciences
Gene Stroh Facilities
Gail Cordova Atmospheric Science
Lizzetta Elder Parking Services
Ruth Willson Extension
Heidi Mechtenberg Facilities
Yoo-Jeong Noh CIRA
Jenny Hand CIRA
Kevin Nolan ACNS
Paula Hadley VPEA
Debbie Plummer Telecom
Kathy Koeller Treasury Services
Debra Colbert TILT
Elizabeth Atencio VTH

2013 February Prize Drawing Winners

Laurie Richards Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory (Parking for March)
Erin Napier Microbiology, Immunology, & Pathology
Jill Putman Academic Advancement Center
Katie Dunphy Housing – Operations Management
Mary Roberts CVMBS IT
David G. Anderson Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Robert Schorr Colorado Natural Heritage Program
Natalya Weisgerber Construction Management
Jennifer Johnson University Parking Services
Betty Duncan Facilities Management
Keri Sizemore Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Jim Dolak Housing & Dining Services
Laurette Terrell CSU Health Network
Sonjia R. Graham CSU Extension
Diane Siefken Housing & Dining Services
Frances Betts Division of Continuing Education OnlinePlus

2013 January Prize Drawing Winners

Valerie Parker College of Agricultural Sciences (Parking for February)
Nick Cummings Office of Equal Opportunity
Julio Zimbron Civil and Environmental Engineering
Mary Casey Facilities Services
Maggie Hirko Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management
Doni Luckutt COLAB, LSC Marketing
Elizabeth Creissen Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Susan Cavender Risk Management and Insurance
Casey Malsam Women and Gender Advocacy Center
Regina Schoenfeld CVMBS Dean’s Office and Clinical Services
Ida Tieman Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Clint McBlair Sponsored Programs
Viviane Ephraimsch-Abt Apartment Life
Jodi Rist Colorado State Forest Service
Timalyn O’Neill Admissions
Melissa J. Hein CVMBS Finance and Strategic services
Pamela Occhiuto Laboratory Animal Resources
Liz Mogen Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Cameron Aldridge Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory
Kyle Oldham Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services
Janelle Dowling Housing and Dining Services, Operation Management
Janet Meine Development and Advancement Information Services
Leilan McLaughlin Facilities Management
Denise Preuit Facilities Management
Shonilea Pischer Housing and Dining Services, Operations Management
Nicole Olsen Continuing Education

2012 December Prize Drawing Winners

Valerie Parker College of Ag Sciences, parking
Nick Cummings Office of Equal Opportunity
Julio Zimbron CIVE
Mary Casey Facilities Services
Maggie Hirko BSPM
Doni Luckutt COLAB, LSC Marketing
Elizabeth Creissen MIP
Susan Cavender Risk, Management & Insurance
Casey Malsam WOAC
Regina Schoenfeld CVMBS Dean’s Office and Clinical Services
Ida Tieman MIP
Clint McBlair Sponsored Programs
Viviane Ephramsch-Abt Apt. Life
Jodi Rist CO State Forest Service
Timalyn O’Neill Admissions
Melissa J. Hein Finance and Strategic Services
Pamela Occhiuto LAR
Liz Mogen Hort and LA
Cameron Aldridge NREL
Kyle Oldham Residence Life, Housing and Dining Services
Janelle Dowling Operation Management
Janet Meine DAIS
LEilan McLaughlin Facilities Management
Denise, Preuit Facilities
Shonilea Pischer Maintenance, Housing and Dining
Nicole Olsen Continuing Education

2012 November Prize Drawing Winners

Angie Addie Engineering Network Services
Susan Harris Extension
Gloria Balderrama Office of the Vice President for Research
Shauna DeLuca International Programs
Jill Handwerk Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Susan Harris Extension
Angela Hill Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
Lynda Hoffman Morgan Library
Charles Kerlee CVMBS
Theresa Spangler Morgan Library
Diane Zach Information Systems
Felicia Zamora College of Business

2012 October Prize Drawing Winners

Khristy Preston Construction Management- Parking Services
Julie Bigge Student Health Insurance
John Jordan INTO CSU
Laura Chacon Campus Recreation
Marcia Stille Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Deb Carter Graduate School
Rose Ann Perez Warner College of Natural Resources
Corrine Lindstadt Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology
Rob Adams CSU Health Network Counseling
Cindy Ungerman Chemistry
Andrea Franson Microbiology, Immunology, and Pathology
Jennifer David Campus Recreation
Helen Bowden CSU Health Network
Casey Keslar CEMML
Gaye DiGregorio CASA
Cynthia Scarpa International Programs
Michael Boyle Facilities
Joyce Owens Central Receiving
Brinda O’Grady Facilities
Patsy Harlan Office of the Vice President for Research
Sande Innes University Libraries
Darrel Snyder Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

2012 May Prize Drawing Winners

Lynda Leetham CSU Health Network
Nicki Wolff Housing & Dining
Jeannie Roberts College of Agricultural Sciences
Graciela Alvarez Housing & Dining
Carol Mathena School of Teacher Education
Tiffany Lipsey Health & Exercise Science
Toby Mai Strategic Initiatives
Kristi Carson Housing & Dining
Mary Roberts Registrar’s Office
John DeBroux CSU Bookstore

2012 April Prize Drawing Winners

Shannon Archibeque-Engle Animal Sciences
Christina Gates Diagnostic Medicine Center
Kerry Grohman Veterinary Teaching Hospital
JD McConkey Telecommunications
Carol Dewbre Biomedical Sciences
Joan Stump CSU Health Network
Laura Giles Residence Life
George Vaillancourt Lory Student Center Operations
Karen Sprouse CSU Health Network
Rosanna Bateman College of Liberal Arts

2012 March Prize Drawing Winners

Bryan Dik Psychology
Shazette Tucker Biomedical Sciences
Terri Haas Health Network
Kathy Conner Health Network
David Thilmany College of Liberal Arts
Karen Utley Health Network
Carol Solano Health Network
Carolee Schuck Human Resources
Craig Chesson Conflict Resolution
Elizabeth Terry Liberal Arts Advising Center

2012 February Prize Drawing Winners

Sue Russell English
Melody Liddell Housing & Dining
Lisa Metz Engineering
Sue Sidingter Extension
Allen Gallamore Forest Service
Kathy Gargan Information Systems
Judi Bryant Honors Program
Nancy McDonald Housing & Dining
Rebecca Sanchez Housing & Dining
Helen Bowden Health Network
Rochelle Braaten Student Financial Services

2011/2012 December/January Prize Drawing Winners

Andrew Cundiff LSC Catering
Melissa Weiss Animal Sciences
Glen Vance Registrar’s Office
Clark Erwin-Billones Greek Life/GLBT/Case Mgmt.
Dana Schoonmaker Facilities
Beth Anderson CSU Health Network
Bridget Julian VP for Engagement
Judy MacDonald Donor Relations
Lynn Johnson University Operations
Chriselda Engel Mechanical Engineering
Nancy Andrews Development & Advancement
Nancy Baca VP External Relations
JoAnn Hedleston Philosophy
Mandy Hagedorn Housing & Dining
Anna Marie Almanza Admissions
Nehemiah Rodriguez Housing & Dining
Alex Carter College of Liberal Arts
Jo Elliott CSU Health Network
Dusty Wedemeyer Housing & Dining
Chris Domanik Human Resources

2011 October/November Prize Drawing Winners

Susan Hartley CSU Health Network
Sherri Lebeda Communications & Creative Services
Susan Lucero Admissions
John Michael Taylor Information Systems
Ellen Becker Housing and Dining Operations Mgmt.
Lynda Reed VTH, Clinical Services
Lanita Doering School of Education
Cameron Aldridge Natural Resource Ecology Lab
Emily Hudson Soil & Crop Sciences
Tami Riggs Housing and Dining Operations Mgmt.
Deb Russell-Carter Graduate School
Tori Valdez Soil & Crop Sciences
Dawn Mallette School of Education
Seth Webb Housing and Dining Services, Pingree Park
Sara Boots-Whitfield CSU Police Department
Becky Everett Cashier’s Office
Nancy Pellman CSU Health Network
Tom Krebs Music, Theatre & Dance
Elizabeth Atencio VTH, Oncology
Sharon Wittstock College of Engineering – CIRA

2011 September Prize Drawing Winners

Monica Heersi Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Barbara Gibson Chemical & Biological Engineering
Nancy Rudeen Housing & Dining
Happy Bennett International Programs
Kathy Stencel Civil & Environmental Engineering
Andrea Guillory Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology
Nancy Hasting Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands
Bonnie Schilling Horticulture & Landscape
Kathleen Baumgardner College of Engineering
Tammy Taylor Microbiology, Immunology and Pathology

2011 May Prize Drawing Winners

Nathalie Kees School of Education
Jennifer Garwood College of Ag. Business Center
Kathleen Baumgardner College of Engineering
Kamie Long Colorado State Forest Service
Deanna Adams Proteomics & Metabolomics Facility
Kierra Jewell Soil and Crop Sciences
Lori Bates CSU Extension
Laura Ray Housing and Dining Services
Kim Alexander Large Animal Surgery – VTH
Debbie Popichak Large Animal Surgery – VTH
Rachel Kirby Foreign Languages
Christina Gates Diagnostic Medicine Center
Loree Morse Registrar’s Office
Robert Blume Colorado State Forest Service
Jean West Housing and Dining Services
Linda Hernandez-Price Apartment Life
Helen Holmquist-Johnson Social Work

2011 April Prize Drawing Winners

DeAnna Brown Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Mary Gonzales Housing
Matt Markle Facilities
Elizabeth Atencio Oncology (VTH)
Renie Olson CSU Health Network
Sheri Hofeling Mathematics
Claire Fleming Atmospheric Sciences
Robin Noehl Health and Exercise Science
Connie Pino Admissions
Mary Hill CSU Health Network
Debra Parker Housing
Joy Sholts Military Science
Erika Borges University Operations
Sara Boots-Whitfield CSU Police Department
Kim Winger Dean’s Office, AHS
Eli Torres Operations, Lory Student Center
Melanie Nyborg Office of the General Counsel
Lindsay Gartner Colorado State Forest Service
Bryan Dik Psychology
Ruth Parker Campus Recreation
Nicole Swan Division of Continuing Education

2011 March Prize Drawing Winners

Ryan Abbott College of Ag
Jayne Loomis Intensive English Program
Jairam Vanamala Food Science and Human Nutrition
John Jordan Intensive English Program
Chriselda Engel Mechanical Engineering
Tiffany Lipsay Health and Exercise Science
Anita Pattison Mathematics
Martin Moran English
Stephanie Ouren Dean’s Office, CAHS
Lori Williams Cell & Molecular Biology
Kerrie Lapoehn Facilities Management
Marlene Lopezi Facilities Management
Auli Summerhays CSU Events
(Auli has already picked up her prize)
Nancy “Beth” Anderson Hartshorn Health
William Foley Colorado State Forest Service

2011 February Prize Drawing Winners

Alton Lowry Colorado State Forest Service
Dave Brock Campus Recreation
Katie Finnie Environmental & Radiological Health Sciences
Heather Landers TILT
Jim Zakely CASA
Amy Moore Bookstore
Colton Waters ARBL
Vicky Diehl Residential Dining Services
Susan Latimer University Advancement
Sherry Jaspers Registrar
Jo Elliott Hartshorn Health
Mack Freestone B&FS
Ginny Fannning Liberal Arts Development
Scott Rick VP for University Operations
Justine Barela Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

2011 January Prize Drawing Winners

Heather Matthews Psychology
Nancy Haliburton HDS, Braiden
Vickie Schultz HRS
Korina Brim Chemistry
Donna Mastbergen CCS
Nancy Henke English
Charlene Spencer Statistics
Keri Wright MIP
Dan Herrick College of Engineering
Cindy Ungerman Chemistry
Jennifer Kutzik ACNS/Libraries
Charlotte Shanahan B&FS
Thomas Holtzer BSPM
Ludy Avolos Graduate School
Sylvia Martinez Student Financial Services

2010 December Prize Drawing Winners

Pam Johannsen College of Business
Renee Oldham CSU Health Network
Jill Lenz CVMBS
Shu Liu Libraries
Kelli Heenan School of Education
Sarah Falcon College of Engineering
Violet Marquart Political Science
Mike Moon Animal Sciences
Vani Narayana APACE/Campus Activities
Lorie Johnson CVMBS
Linda Foster VP Research
Sandy Dahlberg College of Business
Karen Solomon Biomedical Sciences
Sung Bong Shin Biology
Kelly Spokus Horticulture

2010 November Prize Drawing Winners

Nina Simmers Applied Human Sciences Dean’s Office
Carol Ann Pfeif Lory Student Center
Anna Rohrbacker Parking Services
Jan Lee Cordova Admissions
Scott Chase Housing and Dining Services
Erin Olivas Housing and Dining Services
Damon Lange Colorado State Forest Service
Clark Erwin-Billones Greek Life/GLBT Resource Center
Pat Spooner Information Systems
Linda Hutson Vet Teaching Hospital
Judy MacDonald Donor Relations
Sherrie Henderson Vet Teaching Hospital
Amy Plummer Registrar’s Office
Debbie McClelland Libraries

2010 October Prize Drawing Winners

Carolyn Worden Student Financial Services
Kim Pendell Ag Sciences
Josh Clark Information Systems
Heather McCormick HDS
Betsy Dickinson Central Receiving
Paula White Ag Business Center
Debborah Luntsford Foreign Languages and Literature
Jamie McCue Telecom
Kathy Gibson Chemistry
Craig Chesson Conflict Resolution & Student Conduct Services
Rob Adams University Counseling Center
Cheryl Smith CASA
Patty Oakland B&FS
Terri Rogakis HDS
Mari Strombom HDS

2010 September Prize Drawing Winners

Debra Devilbiss Biology
Patricia Cochran Business & Financial Services
Maria Gonzalez Housing & Dining Services
Wilbur Wojohn Facilities
Diane Zach Information Systems
Elsa Langdon Housing & Dining Services
Janelle Armentrout Conference Services
Travis Bingham Housing Operations Management
Janelle Dowling Housing Operations Management
Robert Schur Policy & Compliance Office

2010 May Prize Drawing Winners

Debra Devilbiss Biology
Joanne Divico CIRA
Cathy Griffin MIP
Veronica Gruppo MIP
Audrey Hilgenberg Hartshorn Health
Blanche Hughes VPSA
Lauri Jones Registrar
Rose Ramirez Statistics
Marcella Vininski Admissions
Keith Wood CSFS

2010 April Prize Drawing Winners

Robert L. Allison Housing and Dining
Jacqueline Voss CSU Health Network
Korina Brim Mail Service
Kim Okamoto VP Student Affairs
Karen Adleman NREL
Staci Folot Sponsored Programs
Melissa Schultze Construction Mgmt/IBE
Doreen Fickenwirth LSC
Eleni Beaty Student Financial Services
Marian Hall Communication Studies
Joanie Lea Olson Key Desk, Faciltiies Mgmt
Tami Riggs Housing and Dining
Sylvia Canetto Psychology
Jodi Rist CSFS – Montrose
Kathy Lucas School of Education
Malcolm E. Scott Social Work
Janet Hartwigsen Office of the General Counsel
Dawn Petersen MIP
Nancy McDonald Housing and Dining Services
Terri Ward VTH

2010 March Prize Drawing Winners

Vicki Johnson Information Systems
Pat Key Payroll
Amy Marso VTH
Kathy Koeller Business and Financial Services
Sharal Foss Extension
Jackie Gabriel Sociology
Cherie Akin Business and Financial Services
Nancy Rhodes Off Campus Life
Diane Czaja EHS
Don Reinke CIRA

2010 February Prize Drawing Winners

Mark Ritschard Engineering Networking Services
Wilson Branch Colorado State Forest Service
Toby Mai College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences
Michael O’Reordan Bookstore
Ron Hicks Conflict Resolution
Shari Douglas CASA
Kerrie Lapoehn Facilities Management
Akiko Harada Registrar’s Office – parking permit second consideration
Charles Thomas Residential Dining Services
Andrea Leland Electrical and Computer Engineering

2010 January Prize Drawing Winners

Liz Downing Housing Operations Management
Roshon Dickson Housing, Braiden
Jim Siefken Facilities Management
Nancy Venturato Housing and Dining Services, Apartment Life
Auli Summerhays CSU Events
Sean Seal Fishery, Wildlife and Conservation Biology
John Masters Environmental Services, Newsom Hall
Mike Mahony Housing and Dining Services
Nancy Hanley Soil and Crop Sciences
Stacy Eichinger CSU Health Network

2009 December Prize Drawing Winners

Nicole LaRocque Campus Recreation
Don Mykles Biology
Rebecca Boxford Veterinary Teaching Hospital
Felicia Zamora College of Business
Petra Marlin Admissions
Charlotte DeMott Atmospheric Science
Doug Finnman Information Systems
Kent Grant Colorado State Forest Services
James Graham Environmental Health Services

2009 October Prize Drawing Winners

John Michael Taylor Information Systems
Heather Langston Dean of Engineering
Kathy Reischauer Physics
Janice Wilkinson Information Systems
Cara Neth President’s Office
Wendy Seay Psychology
Ellen Butler Extension
Kyla Fotsch Dining Services
Patty Schwindt Academic Computing and Networking Systems
Craig Perry Information Systems